Rotary Club

of Danvers, MA

April 2 2018 Rotoracle

Posted by Len Mercier
Here we go with this week's notes from the meeting.  Meeting was on the small side, only two tables.  For those of you that missed this one you missed one of the best meals ever; seafood newburg with plenty of lobster, prime rib, and great veggies and unbelievable deserts.  Becky was collecting at the table, President Bill opened the meeting and John Zannino gave the invocation.

Rotary Moment:  Tom Standring

Tom Standring returned from his wintering in Florida in the Villages.  He was reading in the news paper that there was a support group for those affected by Polio, that was part of the local Rotary Club.  He decided to attend the meeting to hear what it was about.  There were people that either themselves or relatives has been treated with the iron lung, along with other treatments.  They spoke about fundraising for the cause.  There were polio survivors and family members.  Tom spoke to the group about how committed Rotary is to the cure and how Ralph and company had biked across the country to raise funds for Polio research.  He asked if he could say a few words and with his passion, told the story of what Danvers Rotary has done.

Upcoming dates to remember:

District Assembly - "Be The Inspiration"

This year's District Assembly will be held Thursday, April 19th, DoubleTree, Danvers.  The theme for this year is "BE THE INSPIRATION".  Cost is $35.00 each and registrations are thru the District Website.  This is a great experience and a great way to learn more about what is happening throughout the district.

RYLA - May 11th-13th

This year's Rotary Youth Leadership Awards program will be held at Camp Glenn in New Hampshire this year.  High School Sophomores and Juniors can apply for this training opportunity.  Our club has put funding together to allow for some students to take advantage of this and has notified Danvers High School, the Prep, Bishop Fenwick and Essex Tech.  If you know of anyone that would benefit from this experience please let the club know.  

District Conference - May 4th - 6th

This year's District Conference will be at the Mount Washington Hotel the weekend of May 4th thru the 6th.  Gary Nangle is attending and encouraged others to attend as well.  The only issue is a place to stay as the room s are booked.  You can do AirB&B or other B&Bs.  Interested?  Information is on the District Website.

John Zannino's Classification

What a great Classification Talk, given by one of our new members, John Zannino.  He was brought up in Peabody and moved to Danvers 4 years ago and lives in the Highlands on Centre Street.  Went to College in Maine and when he finished up with school he came home to work, doing tree work.  After doing that hard and challenging work with trees he went into the family Insurance Business.  He loved the tree work as he did the climbing work to trim, that most so with bucket trucks.  After being in the high risk type of business he feels he is well positioned to help with insurance for those high risk jobs.  His business is in 
Peabody.  So glad he joined Danvers, he is such a fun guy to talk with and surely to work with.  While in college he did volunteer work with those in Poverty and just loves how Rotary jumps in to help those in need, exactly what he loves to do.  His hobbies include anything that is outside, hiking, etc..  He and his girl friend live in a historic house on Centre St.  
Let us not forget he plunged into the ocean for all of us this winter and is there for everything that we do.  
So glad t have you in the club John.

 Sheriff Brad Collected $54.00

Lenny paid for his retirement party last Friday night.  Thank you for everyone that attended.  Ted S, Dr. Bill and Becky all for Lenny's retirement party.  Bill Lee for more Snow, Dan for a good Easter, Rick Gilmore for Surf and Turf, Tom Standring is back, John Z and Karen for Brad's Doom Due Date, Mary Beth for two weeks in Florida, Annelie for a wonderful Easter, Chelsea IOU and Brad H. still waiting for the baby.  $54.00 - Thank you to all.

Hunt Baby Arrives:

Tuesday Night, April 3rd, Lauren and Brad Hunt's baby girl was born.  Surely when we see Brad again, he will be wrinkled, unshaven and quite tired. Surely he will still have a smile on his face.  Seems like just a year ago Brad was ready to sign up for being the bachelor.  Now he is the old tired married Dad.  Who new his time would come.............  Congrats Lauren and Brad, for these are the fun days.

Cards were played by:

The cards were played by both Bill Lee and Ted Speliotis.  Both were looooooooooooosers.....  Sorry you two.
Enjoy your weekend.

Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.


  -Winston Churchill