Rotary Club

of Danvers, MA

April 9 2018 Rotoracle

Posted by Len Mercier
Notes for this week:
First to note, there will not be a meeting this Monday, April 16th, due to the holiday and the Boston Marathon.  Enjoy the rainy day and spend some time with family.  If you come to Rotary you will be meeting alone.  
President Bill opened the meeting followed by Neal with this weeks words.  Neal ended his message with his grand child's prayer: "Quiet Hands, Quit Feet, we are all together, now let's eat."  
There were three guests this week, Rick Kee, Alex Lent - Library Director and John Somes.
For this week's Rotary moment Mary Beth and Annelie talked about their experience with Family Promiss, preparing and serving dinner to 9 children and 3 adults.  Rotarians spent time with these families, serving a meal that they had cooked for them.  Mary Beth spoke about an 8 year old boy she enjoyed a conversation with.  He asked all sorts of questions and was really enjoying himself.  A great hands on program.  
Ted reminded everyone about the Job "Profession Day" to be held at the High School Friday Morning.  He thanked everyone for helping and for their participation.  This is not a job fair, but a chance o share information about our professions with the High School Students.
District Assembly is planned for April 19th from 2:45 to 6:30.  Interested in going?  Let Bill or Gary know.
Board Meeting is planned for April 24th, 8:30 AM and the Staples Work Bar, Liberty Tree Mall.
Rotary Leadership Institute is set for April 28th, Sheraton Wakefield.  Having taken part in this in the past I recommend it as it gives a member great knowledge about Rotary and how to build our club to be the best it can be.  Members learn so much more than just attending Rotary meetings.
This next Tuesday night, the Selectmen will vote to approve the Rotary Orchard for Endicott Park.  Suzanne will be representing our club at the meeting.  Anyone is welcome to attend.
Habitat For Humanity "Womens Building Days" will be held May 5th and May 9th.  See Mary Beth if you would like to attend with her.  
Farmers Market is looking for this year's Bag Sponsor and a couple of other sponsors.  Matt is also looking for a vendor that will sell honey and possibly cold pressed juice.  Barry will ask someone he knows.  If you have any ideas on a vendor, please let Matt know.

Speaker - Alex Lent - Library Director

Becky introduced Alex Lent, our new Peabody Institute Library Director.  Alex was chosen from 40 candidates and stated on November 20th.  He grew up in North Hampton, MA and sent to Simmons and McGill Universities.  Most people do other jobs and when they get older decide to enter the Librarian profession.  This was not the case for Alex, as he decided to go into this profession right out of college.  He interned and worked as Assistant Library Director in Medfield and Millis for three years.  It was so refreshing to hear his passion about his job.  He brought some great ideas to Danvers.  While most think about a place to check out books, in recent years that was expanded to include things like DVDs and CDs.  Alex has expanded the offerings to include many home items like guitars, sewing machines, pedometers, soil testers and even records and record players.  Plans are to expand this program to create a larger variety of reasons to go to the library.  The library will be closed on April 25th thru the 27th for the staff to restructure and redistribute items throughout the library to make them easier to find and check out.  A few things that our club has done for the library include furnishing the Tom Standring Room, Building the Rotary Pavilion, Restoring the mural of George Peabody and  sponsoring the Children's Garden and recently providing outdoor Chess/Checker setups for people to enjoy the game on the grounds of the library.  Danvers is very fortunate to have such a fine looking library and is very fortunate to have Alex Lent as our new Library Director.  

Sheriff's Report

Sheriff Larry collected $258 this week.  A great deal of the funds were from Neal (100 for his birthday) and Lenny (65 for his birthday.  Obviously Neal is older than Lenny.  John Somes paid 25 for be happy to be back in Danvers, Alden and Don for the Red Sox, Bill was looking for wine, Rick and Bary for the team of Lenny and John, Gary for being out riding his bike, Matt for his guest Rick Kee, Kim for the Sunshine, Dan for enjoyable Masters Golf Tournament, Mary Beth for daughters Engagement and Brad's Baby, Suzanne for time spent in KeyWest, Becky and Anellie for Alex our speaker, Lary D. for receiving his first Social Security Check.    Thank you to all.
Cards were played by Larry and Ted,  Both loooooooooooooooooooooosers.  
Remember, no meeting this Monday, April 16th.
See you on the April 23rd.

Success is the goof fortune that comes from aspiration, desperation, perspiration and inspiration.

  -Evan Esar