Rotary Club

of Danvers, MA

December 20, 2018 Rotoracle

Danvers Rotary Bulletin
December 20th, 2018
Today was the official joint Rotary lunch with Danvers and Beverly.  Thank you to Brian for bringing some bread for the raffle and being our representative.  Brian had the opportunity to take the stage and thank Beverly for having us as their guests.  Brian also highlighted his bread as consolation prize for the raffle.  Again – a big hit.
Beverly High School Jazz Band sounded great. 
Xmas Sweater Smack Down.  The 3 finalists were narrowed down to 3 and the lucky winner was a member of the Jazz Band.  
Welcome:  President Matthew Piaker, Beverly
Lunch:  Coffee, salad, turkey soup, roasted chicken, roast beef with gravy, mixed veggies and pudding for desert.
Rotary Moment: 
Visiting Rotarians:  No Visitors – Too Many to count
Guests:  No Guests
Guest Speaker:  No Speaker Today
Quote of the Day:  “When love is infused into our actions, we do not stop to question the time or money we are sacrificing.  We are inspired to do more, to give more.  Love is the motivating force behind all of Rotary’s best work”  Sow the seeds of love, The Rotarian 2002-2003
  •          Raffles Drawing – Annalie Spirois volunteered her home to host the drawing for the Raffle.  Delicious food and refreshments were provided.  Congratulations to the lucky winner Karolina Sadova, pastry chef from Daniella’s Café!  President Jacki sold the winning ticket.
  •          Egg Nog – Dylan from Sale Five Bank gave out his homemade egg nog from the back of his truck at todays meeting.
  • Dictionaries Officially Handed Out - thank you to all who assisted with going to the schools
  •          Raffle – No lucky winners this week
December 24th / 31st – NO MEETING
Sheriff’s Report

Birthdays – No reported Bdays
Raffle:  No Raffle today
Bread:  Marshall Handley and Mr. Shutka took home the bread
Have a great week
John Somes
Rotarian Bulletin Editor