Rotary Club

of Danvers, MA

January 22 2018 Rotoracle

Posted by Lenny Mercier

Meeting Notes for Members

Everyone was a bit tired after the two football games on Sunday.  The Patriots, in their special way, pulled off the win and move on to the Superbowl for Sunday, February 4th.  Many contributed to the club this week in honor of the Patriots moving forward.  President Bill opened the meeting and called on Jason Allain for this week's invocation.  Larry D. reported to duty this week as Sheriff and the rest will follow.
Shelley shared her Rotary Moment talking about a recent orientation for new Rotarians that she attended at the Wakefield Sheraton.  She spoke about how she and an auditorium full of new Rotarians learned all about Rotary and the great work done around the world.  

Rotary Food Packing

I know it is a bit late, but Tuesday afternoon a great number of Rotarians from our section of the district, met at the Wakefield Sheraton and packed thousands of meals for those in need.  This program designed to stamp out hunger is working to provide families with a balanced meal.  I know that Jacki took many pictures and they will show up soon.  The meal consists of outmeal with additional protein, apples, cinnamon and other special ingredients, carefully measured and sealed in a packet that feeds a family of six.  Many would remember that we have done this project before, once in Salem and the Hathorne Hotel and the other time at night at the Danvers High School.  The previous times were packing food to be shipped to other parts of our country and around the world.  This event was designed to pack food for local use.  Danvers is distributing 1,000 meals to local Pantries.  It was a great time and always fun to be part of a hands on project.  I was scooping oatmeal in my dreams, Tuesday Night and had a yearning for hot oatmeal Wednesday morning.  Luckily there is always oatmeal at home and I was able to satisfy my craving.  I would highly recommend every one of you to participate when we do this the next time.  What a fun time, helping others.

Polar Plunge

The District Polar Plunge is fast approaching and the water isn't getting any warmer.  Date is set for Saturday, February 3rd in the morning, 10:30-12:30.  Surely the plunge will be from 10:30 to 10:30.30 AM.  Everyone was trying to get President Bill to take the plunge but I think he is allergic to salt water.  Past President Matt took the plunge and tried to get President Bill to take the plunge but was not successful.  If you are interested in filling in for Bill and want to have a refreshing dip in the ocean, please let us know so we can sponsor you.  My Community Outreach Director Suz Malach, is one of four Tri Town Rotarians that will be taking the plunge.  I will sponsor her this year.  

Cruise Raffle Ticket Sales

How are you doing with your selling of Cruise Raffle Tickets?  We need everyone to sell as many as possible to see the profit we need to do the projects that our club would like to do.  Please don't hold tickets and expect to turn them in unsold.  There are no extra tickets and everyone needs to be sold for the fundraiser to be successful.  There are only a couple of weeks left to sell tickets and everyone needs to help.  Do I sound like a broken record? Am I being a pain? Am I telling it like it is?  If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then I am doing my job trying to get everyone to work as a team to make this successful.    Just ask your family, coworkers and friends and I am sure you will find some buyers.  I Did.... How about you!

Coat Drive

Rotarian Shelley Silverman has a Coat Drive running for two weeks, collecting new and slightly used coats.  Coats can be brought to the New England Home for the Deaf at 154 Water Street or you can drop them off at the Y or bring them to our meeting this next Monday.  She also has small boxes collecting $5.00 donations to purchase and clean coats.  So check out your closets and bring in those coats and consider making a $5 contribution to help with the cause.

Farmers Market Time Is Fast Approaching

Matt reported that this year's Farmers Market will be held the same day and time as this past year.  He is looking for a few more committee members to help with the planning and operation for this 2018 Market year.  Looking to add some vendors and wishing for some great weather.  Let Matt know you can help.

Speaker for this Monday - Danvers Cares

The speaker this Monday will be Danvers Cares.  We will hear what is happening in town to help our youth and families on the right track.  They are doing great work.

Sheriff Larry Collects $74.00

Lenny, Mary Beth, Matt, Jacki, Bill, Rick, Alden, Ted, Jason and Larry D. all conated in honor of the Patriots and looking to the Superbowl, Don for the Cruise Raffle, Tom Standring is set to be away for two months, Sara was just happy, Chelsea was thankful for being with us after falling down the stairs at home and is ok, Suzanne put in $6 in because she messed up.  She isn't getting out of the job that easily.  Thank you to all for contributing.

Card Game

Both Bill Lee and Jacki Shambaugh played with their tickets being drawn.  Too bad they did not draw the right card.  Sorry you two for being looooooooosers.  So the money builds.

YMCA Dance Saturday, February 3rd

Yes I will pay a fine but want to see some Rotarians at the Dance.  Larry D. will be sitting at my table.  Who else is attending.  For $50 you get a great meal, beer and wine (wine donated by Bill Lee), dancing to the band Wild Fire and a chance at winning or purchasing a number of great items.  Call the Y at 978-774-2055 for details and to purchase tickets.  Tickets are $55.00 at the door.  Always a fun time.
That is about it for now.  
See you all on Monday.

One important key to success is self-confidence.  An important key to self-confidence is perparation.

     --Arthur Ashe