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January 7th, 2019 Rotoracle

Posted by John Somes on Jan 07, 2019
Danvers Rotary Bulletin
January 7th, 2019
HAPPY NEW YEAR.  Great way to start the NEW YEAR off with a Monday Rotary meeting.  We had close to 30 people in attendance.   Today’s meeting had a few guests, thanks to Matt Schroeder’s membership drive, and a couple of guest speakers.  We had a nice lunch and a few good laughs, thanks to today’s Sheriff, Lenny Mercier.  President Jacki started the meeting with pledge allegiance and shared some thank you cards from the Danvers High School students.  Invocation was read by yours truly and we had some great conversations at the luncheon tables.  Be sure to join us for our guest speaker on Monday, January 14th – Danvers School superintendent, Lisa Dana.
Welcome:  President Jacki Shambaugh
Lunch:  Coffee, salad, soup, tacos, roast beef, mixed veggies and apple crisp for desert.
Rotary Moment: 
Visiting Rotarians: 
Guests:  John Teheen, Paul Paulak, Rose Contreas,
Guest Speaker:  Ed Brizychay, Ray Guetin and Nicole Marcotte
Quote of the Day:  “When love is infused into our actions, we do not stop to question the time and money we are sacrificing.  We are inspired to do more, to give more.  Love comes from the motivating force behind all of Rotary’s work.”  Rotary of Bangkok, Thailand. 
Total Wine Social Event.  Wednesday, January 23rd  5:30-7:30.  Brian Ahern announced that if we have a good turn out, food will be provided.  Located at the Liberty Tree Mall – Total Wine
Guest Speaker – Ed Brizychay, The Danvers Human Rights and Inclusion Committee.  The Danvers Rotary Club is sponsoring “Raising Our Voices in Service: Danvers High School Honors MLK, Jr: on January 21st 4PM to 6PM at DHS Atrium.  Ed briefly discussed the presentation and presenting speakers: Rabbi Allison Adler, DHS Chamber Singers, SJP Swingtown, videos and student exhibit.  This event is a tribute to MLK.
Guest Speaker – Nicole Marcotte, North Shore Community College – Scholarship Program.  Nicole grew up raising money for local non profits and charitable organizations.  Nicole talked about her job and responsibilities at NSCC and some of the school’s many accomplishments.  NSCC offers a number of class both degree and credited programs.  The college only costs $6500 per year, and the school also offers scholarships to have lower the costs of tuition.  The tuition is affordable but there are working families/students that are encouraged to apply for scholarships.  NSCC offers 3 campuses –  Danvers, Middleton and Lynn.  They also have online classes too.  Today – the Danvers Rotary Club presented a check to NSCC that will go towards their scholarship program.  For additional information
Guest Speaker – Ray Guetin – SMGA, The Salute Military Golf Association of New England.  “Empowering Wounded Veterans One Fairway at a Time”  Ray talked about a golf program geared towards wounded military veterans and how the game of golf can bring together veterans and the positive impact it can have.  The program is organized at a number of different golf courses and they offer these programs throughout the year.  They even have adaptive equipment and golf carts for those that are disabled.  The mission of the program is to help bring together veterans and give them the experience of meeting other veterans in a healthy and social way.  It’s a plan for success.  Ray is very passionate about the program and wants us to help spread the word and share with other wounded veterans.  Over 24 Outings a year and over 600 combat veterans have partaken in the program.
No Meeting  - MLK Day January 21st
Sheriff’s Report.  Sheriff Lenny collected $181 in fines.  Matt, son scored first goal; Gary – Great wknd,; Tom – Polio canisters missing; Annalie – trip to FL; Becky – Trip to Panama; Shelly – Healthy NEW YEAR; Jacki – Fall; John – Great NEW YEAR; Lenny – Good to be Alive; Judy – Lenny for great attendance; Dan – Pats victory; Suzanne – NEW YEAR;  Barry – Pat and missed meeting; Brian – 68 BDAY; Bill Lee – Snow; Sara – BDAY; Ted – Great Holiday; Don – all guests, Rick – more snow. 
Birthdays – Brian Ahern
Raffle:  John Somes and Suzanne Contreras were our unlucky winners today
Bread:  Sorry no bread today
Have a great week
John Somes
Rotarian Bulletin Editor