Rotary Club

of Danvers, MA

March 19 2018 Rotoracle

Posted by Lenny Mercier

Notes from the meeting.......

President Bill opened the meeting following by words of wisdom.  There were two guests this week; on Christopher Sanborn the speaker and Chris Wood from Essex Tech High School.  More to follow on these two under the Speaker Section.

Rotary Moment

President Elect Jacki shared information from her PETS weekend.  No not her weekend playing with dogs, cats and other pets, but her Rotary Weekend for "President Elect Training" for her upcoming time as our president.  During this weekend she met with a lot of people and learned a great deal about Rotary, what other clubs do, the right and wrong things to do, and much more.  This is the time when the future club president plans for what their club can and will achieve during heir upcoming year.  Jacki would love to partner with other local clubs to do some projects that can make a great difference in our community and those of others.  When thinking back, I have such great memories of when I went thru PETS and my year as President of our club.  Many of you have similar memories.   The PETS weekend is a time for bonding with other incoming club presidents, learning what works and what doesn't, and just a fun time.

New Member Orientation - District wide

On Tuesday, April 3rd, from 6 to 9 PM, the District will hold a New Member Orientation at the Sheraton Wakefield.  The club pays if you are interested in attending this chance to learn more about Rotary.  New Club Members will learn about the many programs and activities included with Rotary.  Learn more about Rotary beyond the local club's activities.  Let President Bill or Gary Nangle know if you want to take part in the orientation.  

District Assembly - "Be The Inspiration"

This year's District Assembly will be held Thursday, April 19th, DoubleTree, Danvers.  The theme for this year is "BE THE INSPIRATION".  Cost is $35.00 each and registrations are thru the District Website.  This is a great experience and a great way to learn more about what is happening throughout the district.

RYLA - May 11th-13th

This year's Rotary Youth Leadership Awards program will be held at Camp Glenn in New Hampshire this year.  High School Sophomores and Juniors can apply for this training opportunity.  Our club has put funding together to allow for some students to take advantage of this and has notified Danvers High School, the Prep, Bishop Fenwick and Essex Tech.  If you know of anyone that would benefit from this experience please let the club know.  

District Conference - May 4th - 6th

This year's District Conference will be at the Mount Washington Hotel the weekend of May 4th thru the 6th.  Gary Nangle is attending and encouraged others to attend as well.  The only issue is a place to stay as the room s are booked.  You can do AirB&B or other B&Bs.  Interested?  Information is on the District Website.

Board Meeting Highlights

At the recent Board Meeting some of the items approved for funding included $500 for the Band Concert "Disaster", $600 for the Summer Concert Series, $300 for Pure Water, $250 for DanversCares, $1,600 for 4 students to take part in RYLA and $3,000 for Friends Forever.  The Cruise Raffle had a profit around $6,000 and the club looks to the next fundraiser.

Speaker - Christopher Sanborn

This week's speaker was Christopher Sanborn, who happens to be the Danvers Harbor Master and the Director of Natural Resources at Endicott Park.  Today's talk was about Endicott Park and the 165 acres of recreational land available to the community as a great resource.  Also at Endicott Park is the Danvers Historical Society's Endicott Estate that sits on 11 acres.  There are over 200,000 visits to Endicott Park a year.  The Dog Park is a local favorite and the Nature Center is the newest addition/program.  As President Bill's major project this year, Rotary and the Community, with the help of students from the Arbor Department of Essex Technical High School, will restore and plant an Apple Orchard at the park.  Bill's plan is to plant an apple tree for each Rotarian in the club (40 trees).  The partnership with the High Schoolers in the Arbor program will be a great one since they can help to plant, maintain and oversee the orchard for years to come.  Chris Wood who heads up the Arbor Department at Essex Tech was with us this week, mentioning that he was excited to be part of the project and that it will be a great opportunity for his students to maintain the orchard as part of their program.  It is estimated that in as little as three years the trees till develop fruit.  There will also be a picnic area near the orchard and care will be taken to keep it safe from any spraying and maintenance of the trees.  Bill thanked Rotarian John Zannino for his knowing and introduction for Mr. Sanborn and Mr. Wood.  This program will be another great connection our club has with the Town.  Even got President Bill in the picture.

Sheriff Brad collects $71.00

Brad Hunt collected from Ted for St. Patty's Day, Bill Lee for Happy Spring, Alden for the 1st Pitch, Annelie for the guests, Suzanne for Barry filling in for her at the table while she is away, Dan for Danny Boy, Matt for a nicer sheriff that the one last Thursday and for the sun shining, Barry for the Kids March in DC, Karen for the guests, Lenny for a good weekend, Shelly for her event, John Zannino for the guests, Jacki for PETS, Don for Spring and his Birthday, President Bill for the guest speaker and Brad for 15 days.  Thank you to all.

Career Fair Danvers High School

Ted S. asked everyone to consider participating with the following details from Ted.
As you know, on Friday April 13th from 7:30 - 11:30am Danvers Rotary is once again hosting a Career Fair for students in grades 9 through 12 at Danvers High. The purpose of this fair is to expose the kids to as many careers paths as possible, our hope is to have diverse representation from local businesses and organizations.
If you are interested in having a table at the fair (or know of anyone outside of our club that may be interested) please email my office including your name (and the names of anyone else that will be joining you), the name of your business/organization, your title, and a contact phone number. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Ellena Christopoulos in my office at 617-722-2410.
A VERY Special thank you to all the Rotarians who have already signed up!

NEHD Event

Shelly reported that the New England Homes for the Deaf will be present an Afternoon of Deaf History and Artifacts on Saturday, April 14th from 2 - 6 PM.  See attachment  at end for details.
Cards were played by two Rotarians that were both loooooooosers.  Sorry you two.
Enjoy your weekend and we will see you on Monday.

Every tomorrow has two handles.  We can take hold of it with the handle of anxiety or the handle of faith.

 - Henry Ward Beecher