Rotary Club

of Danvers, MA

March 26 2018 Rotoracle

Posted by Len Mercier
Well, attendance was a bit light this week.  Meeting was opened by President Bill, followed by an invocation by Kim.  There was quite a bit of talking at our table, much about skiing, vacationing, the weather and retirement. Larry D. tells me I am going to totally enjoy retirement, not having to follow any schedule, etc.  As for the skiing, Larry and Rick were sharing notes on how the past couple of weeks will go down as some of the best ever skiing in New England.  The meal this week was a variety of sandwiches, ravioli's and more with clam chowder.  The desserts were wonderful.  Don't tell my wife or Doctor but I had two. 
The following date are to be remembered:
  • April 3rd is the New Member District Orientation, held at the Sheraton Wakefield from 6 to 9 pm.  Information is available on the District Website and there is no cost to you personally.  You can only learn so much from your fellow local Rotarian.  This District event will help orient the member, who joined in the past year or so, to all the avenues of Rotary.  Give it some thought. 
  • April 4th is the Family Promiss Volunteer Meal Preparation, which is sponsored by our club.  Rotarians will work to prepare a meal for a homeless family and enjoy some time with them.  Jacki has the details.
  • District Conference is fast approaching and those interested in attending can register through the District Web Site.  Will be held at Mount Washington as the 2018 Rotary Summit from May 4th to the 6th.  Gary Nangle is attending and would love to see other Rotarians attend.
  • District Assembly will be held at the Four Points Sheraton, April 19th.  From 2:45 6:30 the assembly will be held with this year's theme of "Be the Inspiration"  Register on the District Web Site.
  • RYLA 2018 (Rotary Youth Leadership Assembly) will be held May 11th thru the 13th.  This year's program is moving to Camp Glen Brook and is for teens in grades 10 and 11.  The board has appropriated funding for students to take part in the Leadership program.  Know anyone that would like to take part in this program.  Get those hames to Jacki.
  • Rotary Leadership Institute will be held at Four Points Sheraton, Wakefield on April 28th.  Having taken advantage of this training myself, I highly recommend it to every Rotarian.  Give it some thought.
  • Camp Rotary Camperships:  Our club has approved the funding of two campers to the Camp Rotary Program for this summer.  Children ages 6 to 14 are accepted into this camp and please get any recommendations to Bill.

Speaker - Deborah Burkholder, IC Transitions

Matt introduced Deborah Burkholder from IC Transitions, who is a HR Stratagist.  Her business is new to the Danvers Community and is located at the Staples Work Bar.  The purpose of IC Transitions is to work with and help individuals who find themselves unemployed for an extended amount of time, helping them tackle tough challenges.  Even with unemployment numbers at record low levels in Massachusetts there are a number of people, especially in their older years that find themselves without work for a variety of reasons and with their are factor it is hard to find work that matches their talent.  Most businesses are hiring younger individuals as they can pay them less.  For the older available employee to accept a position that pays 1/2 of what they were used to making, it is difficult to start over.  Many spend years trying to locate the right job, which opens a new category of unemployment, extended unemployment.  Today most Americans can't cover a $400 emergency bill from any savings, as they live week to week.  This program was launched in Danvers to help those with this issue and help them find meaningful work.  Working from the Work Bar is great as there are 180 professionals, all types of businesses with a variety of talents.   Presently they raise funds for their office space and everyone volunteers in the group, helping to coach what used to be for ages 45 and up and now is also working with those younger.  They are looking to fund the growth of their business.
Here Deborah is clearly telling a Work Bar story about President Bill.

Sheriff Report

This week each table collected and reported on their funds.  Many were for the weather, the speaker, vacations. skiing and more.  

Card Game

Both Kim and Jacki took their chances with the cards this week.  Lucky for everyone else they did not succeed.  Sorry you two looooooosers.  Maybe the next time.  I really was looking for one of you to win but sorry can't change it.

Next Week's Speakers

Next week both Matt Nastasia and John Zannino will give their classification talks.  This will give us a chance to learn what really makes them tick.  Surely John has stopped shaking from the cold water at the Polar Plunge and who knows, maybe Matt will bring some money samples for each of us.  Either way come and listen about these newer Rotarians.
Enjoy the weekend.

If we all did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves.

  - Thomas Edison