Rotary Club

of Danvers, MA

May 7 2018 Rotoracle

Posted by Len Mercier
Rotary Meeting May 7th:
President Elect Jacki opened the meeting and called on Judy D. for the invocation.  

Rotary Moment:

Larry D. spoke about his one month road trip and how he was at least 50 Rotary signs in a variety of settings.  While he did not make any meeting makeups in those communities it is obvious that Rotary is doing great things throughout the country and around the world.  He said that he will get a better count and some sample pictures on his next trip.

Dates To Remember:

  • RYLA fast approaching, looking for High School Students to take part.
  • Walk for HAWK from Salem Commons is this Saturday, May 12th.
  • District Installation Dinner will be a cookout this year, at the Danversport on June 14th.  Cost is $60 per person.
  • Danvers Rotary Induction Dinner will be Tuesday, June 26th at Palana Restaurant.  Mark your calendar.
  • Band Concert, sponsored by Rotary, at the Pavilion on June 28th

Danvers Rotary Installation Dinner

The Induction, Installation dinner is planned for Tuesday, June 26th.  Soon to be President Jacki will host the dinner meeting at Palana Restaurant.  Mark your calendar and let's celebrate the beginning of Jacki's term as our leader.

Farmer's Market

Matt reported that the club is looking for all Rotarians to locate a sponsor or consider sponsoring themselves for $100.00  It is getting down to the wire for sponsorships and these are available from $100 to $500.  

Rotary Multi District Summit

Gary reported on his attending the Multi District Rotary Summit.  The International Rotary President's message was to looking to Diversity, women in particular.  This is not a problem in our club but in other areas it is a concern.  A couple of interesting facts were that 6% of Rotarians are age 40 and younger, membership number are down in the USA but there is much growth in Asia.  Our district actually is presently at +26, which shows the strength in our area.  

Speaker Dr. Dierdre Anderson

This week's speaker was Dr. Dierdre Anderson, Audiologist who has offices in Salisbury and in Methuen.  Dr. Anderson lives in Epping, NH and has numerous credentials.  Recently she went on a trip to he Dominican Republic to help underprivileged youth by fitting them with hearing aid systems to help their profound hearing loss.  The group she went with purchased these hearing aids directly from the manufacturers at a huge discount.  The group made molds of the children's ears on Monday and were fortunate to be able to get the finished product by Wednesday night, allowing them to be fitted to the children on Thursday and Friday.  Another trip brought an FM system to children that allowed a teacher to, through FM waves, connect the teacher directly to the students hearing system.  They were fortunate to have the system donated by a local School for the Deaf that was updating their system.  Dr. Anderson also spoke about the importance of testing babies since one out of a thousand have hearing loss.  She also answered some questions from the group about if insurance covers these aids in our area. For those of us 65 and up, on Medicare, only a very small portion of the cost, which could be up to $6,000.  Also to note is that within 2 years hearing aids will be sold over the counter.  She stressed the importance of being fitted for the correct type to insure actual improvement and the will to keep using them.  For the best benefit a person must wear them all the time to get the best benefit.  Neal Waldman speaks highly about Dr. Anderson as she is his Dr..  Very informative speaker and topic.

Sheriff Larry Quick Report

Larry D. gave for his one month road trip, Gary's daughter is engaged, Judy D. is engaged and the rest of us gave for a variety of reasons.  

Rotoplast Mission Planned

The next Rotoplast Mission is set for September 30th through October 14th.  The group is looking for a couple more Rotarians to help.  Gary reported that the cost is usually about $1,000 to $2,000 depending if you want to bunk with another Rotarian or if you want a private room.  It is very rewarding to take part in these missions, helping children in other parts of the world.  Ask Gary for any details.

Next Week's Speaker Is For The Birds

Larry D. will bring in some of his birds and will share some great stories about his hobby.  While he was on his one month road trip Judy took care of the birds and four new little ones were born.  Larry spoke about 15 years ago and it was a great talk.  This is a don't miss meeting.
Lastly cards were played by Bill Lee and Judy DeLorenzo who were both loooooosers.  There are only 6 cards left and the money is really growing.  
Enjoy your week and we will see you with the birds on Monday.

The virtue lies in the struggle, not in the prize.

  - Richard Monckton Milnes