Rotary Club

of Danvers, MA

July 16 2018 Rotoracle

Posted by John Somes
Danvers Rotary Bulletin
July 16th, 2018
Past President, Matthew Schroeder filled in for President Jacki Shambaugh today. 
Today’s meeting was a special gathering, with special guests – Friends Forever.  We had a productive meeting and the opportunity to meet and learn more about our guests from Ireland. 
Matthew reminded us that if we have not paid our dues – please do so asap. 
Guest:  John King of Headway Strategies Consulting, guest of John Somes 
Today we learned more about the Friends Forever guests and some of their accomplishments during their visit to the US.  Each youth member talked to us about their goals and ambitions and what they have learned. 
Friends Forever International is an independent 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that utilizes a grassroots approach to help youth from around the world build lasting friendships across cultural, religious and political divides. Serving as a liaison between the U.S. and international communities, they allow people of all backgrounds to participate first-hand in the international peace process.
Rotarian and YMCA director Bob Raiche founded Friends Forever in 1986. Bob believed there was a need for a program like Friends Forever after reading countless newspaper articles covering the conflict in Northern Ireland. Our first delegation of youth leaders was made up of five Catholic and five Protestant young men from Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland, who traveled to Portsmouth, NH in the fall of 1986.
Bob’s experience with group work led him to create the “Life Raft Formula”, now known as the Skill Building Phase.  Since our founding, we have applied this simple, yet innovative group work theory to more than 1,500 youth around the world.
  • Neal Waldman.  The chess tables planned for the library patio will be installed and ready for use on July 10th.  
  • Larry Ramondi – reminded us that the Navy Band will be playing August 16th at the Rotary Pavilion at 6pm.  8 piece band.  This event is sponsored by the Danvers Rotary.
  • REMINDER:  BOTTOM’S UP - Larry DeLorenzo will have a Tribute for Jeff DeLorenzo on August 3rd at the Danversport Waterfront Patio with LIVE music featuring “Horizon & The Horns – Ray Novak (6-9 PM) and a DJ (9-11PM).  Cost is $20 – all proceeds going to Boys and Girls Club of Salem.  Tickets on sale NOW!!!
  • Dan Dougherty – Wiffle Ball – reminder that we have a tourney on August 11 at Danvers HS.  We need volunteers, Sponsors and Players.  Spread the word.  This is a BIG Fundraiser for the Club
  • June 28th – Concert at the Rotary Pavilion
  • Farmers Market – Matt Schroeder updated us on the success of the market.  Vendors keep coming back.  We have over 20 vendors and more produce should be coming in weeks to come.  If you have not visited – make sure you stop by. 
FINES:  Sheriff Brad Hunt
Rotary sheriff on July 16, 2018
Matt S - Friends forever 6 bucks
John S - Canobie Lake Park!!!
5 - for the kids - Ted
5 - for the kids - Shelley
5 - chess is on! Game on - Neal
5 - friends forever - Ralph
10 - Lenny
10 - FF - Mary Beth
5 - Sue C - Friends forever
5 - Larry D - happy to see you
10 - Don D cruise and FF
Tom S - $52 for years in rotary!!!
Dan D - -5 for FF!!!
Larry R - 5 for FF and Rampaging Red Sox!!!
Brad H - $5 for guests and beautiful weather
$138 total!!!!
Raffle:  Friends Forever and Shelly both picked a couple of Looooosers
Be sure to enjoy the rest of the week.  Summer is officially half way over.  My suggestion is grab some chess pieces and head to the Library.  If you get hungry – go to the Farmers Market.  Or enjoy some music by the Rotary Pavilion.
Take Care
John Somes