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2020 Vendor Guidelines, Policies & Application

Important: Please read the following guidelines and policies before submitting your application.

Link to application is at bottom of this page.  THANK YOU!

Danvers Rotary Open Market is looking for local farmers/vendors to participate in the 2020 Open Market in conjunction with the Danvers Summer Concert Series.  The location will be the same as 2019 at the Danvers Library, every Wednesday from July 8th, 2019 to August 26th from 4:30 – 7 p.m.  We are excited to have the added exposure at the concert series with over 500+ attendees on average per concert.     


If you have any questions, please contact Sara D'Antonio or email us at


Deadline for Submission:  Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis as long as space is available (See Application Button At The Bottom Of Page)


Vendor Policies


Our goal is to have a market that you want to be part of every week, however we know life gets in the way.  Vendor spots are available for a seasonal rate or week to week.  



Seasonal Option: 10'x10' booth for the entire 2020 Season - $175 if paid by June 15th, non-refundable.

Weekly Option: 10’x10’ booth from week to week - $30/week must pay by credit card at the start of the market or earlier.  


Vendors must supply their own tents. Weights for tents are mandatory - at least 40lbs per tent with a minimum of 10lbs per leg.


Product & Price Signage
Each farm and non-farm vendor must post prices for all items for sale. In addition, if the farmer is selling any items he/she did not grow, the farm of origin must be listed. Vendors may label items organic only if they are certified. 


Health/Food Permits
Vendors selling whole produce, unprocessed honey, maple syrup, or farm fresh eggs (stored at 45 degrees) will not need a permit.  Any other vendor will need to contact Mark Carleo, Chief Environmental Health Inspector, at Danvers Town Hall (978) 777-0001 x3022. He can also be reached by email here.  All vendors must comply with all state food codes.



Any vendor interested in selling wine at the market is required to meet local and state licensing requirements.


Rain or Shine

The market will be held as long as the concert is not cancelled.  We will follow the concert schedule - if a concert is called off for weather the market will be cancelled as well.  If a market is cancelled due to weather a vendor can set up on a Monday night if their schedule permits.


No Hawking
Business must be conducted from inside the booth. No farm or non-farm vendor may approach attendees outside their booths.


Utilities are not provided by the Danvers Rotary Open Market. If you have special concerns or would like to request the use of utilities please highlight this on your application.  Bathrooms will be available inside the library for vendors and patrons. 


Set up will begin one hour prior to the market opening. Vendors must take with them all trash, produce, debris, etc.



Vendors not assigned a parking spot at the market and vendors with extra vehicles are responsible for legally parking their vehicles. Vendor parking will be available at a nearby designated lot.  



The Market Committee will select products to complement the market. We will work to minimize competition between market vendors, and make every effort to represent a Danvers vendor over an out-of-town vendor with the same product(s). 


Danvers Rotary Open Market reserves the right to make exceptions or changes to any of the vendor policies as warranted.

Vendor Application
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