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2021 Calendar Raffle Winners

April 1 (April Fools Day)  Winner is:  Rebecca Joyner.  She won $100 in cash.  Ticket sold by Shelley Silverman.

April 2nd Rotary Calendar Winner Congrats to: Taylor Armeding

$100 Gift card to Putnam Pantry - Sold by Rotarian - Barry Kaplan

April 3rd

Sue Butcher Champagne and Wine Basket.  

Ticket Sold By:  Becky Kilborn

April 4th - Kevin Dillon

3 Month Adult Membership to Danvers YMCA

Ticket Sold By:  Mary Beth

Tickets Pulled by the Easter Bunny

April 8th

Winner:Roger Morcorelle

Prize $100 CASH

Ticket Sold By:  Ralph Ardiff

Ticket Picker - Med Anderson


April 9th

Winner:  Renee Burke

Prize:  $50 GC Staples, $50 GC Kafmandu,  $20 GC Danvers 

Ticket Sold By:  Barbara Dempsey

Ticket Picker:  Peg Lyons

Saturday, April 10th

Winner:  Rick Pyburn

Prize:  $50 GC to Petrillo's, 1 Bottle of Wine, 2 Car Washed to Hartnett's

Ticket Sold By: YMCA

Ticket Picker:  John Somes


Sunday, April 11th

Winner:  Marianne Britton

Prize:  $50 GC Chick fil-A

Ticket Sold By:  John Somes

Ticket Picker:  Ralph Ardiff

April 12, 2021

Winner:  Ralph Ardiff

Prize:  $50 GC to Capito Coffee, $50 GC to Seaport Grille

Ticket Sold By:  Ralph Ardiff

Ticket Puller:  Barry Kaplan

Tuesday, April 13th

Winner:  Michael Grandmaison

Prize:  $100 CASH

Ticket Sold By:  Ralph Ardiff

Ticket Puller:  Jacki Shambaugh

April 14th, 2021

Winner:  Kim Weinburg

Prize:  $30 GC Texas Roadhouse, Bottle on Wine, 2 Harnett Car Washes

Ticket Sold By:  Jackie Shambaugh

Ticket Pulled By:  Co-President Neal Waldman

April 15th, 2021

Winner:  Tracey Rideaut

Prize:  $100 GC to Beauport

Ticket Sold By:  Brad Hunt

Ticket Picked by President Elect:  Suzanne Contreas

April 16th, 2021

Winner:  Rene Jacavanco

Prize:  $100 Cash

Ticket Sold By:  Danvers YMCA

Ticket Fuller:  Kathy Wells

April 17, Saturday

Winner:  Suzanne Contreas

Prize: $50 GC to sam and Joes,  1 Bottle of Wine

Ticket Picker:  Colleen DiFelice

Ticket Sold By:  Suzanne Contreas

April 18th, Sunday

Winner:  Kim Vincent

Prize:  $50 GC to Danversport Summer on the Patio, 2 Hartnett Car Washes

Ticket Picker:  Elaine Hennessy

Ticket Sold By:  Richard Vincent

April 19th, Monday

Winner:  Sarah Martel

Prize:  Maison Esthétique $100 GC

Ticket Picker:  Suz Malach

Ticket Sold By:  Tom Standring

April 20th

Winner:  Jennifer Puopolo

Prize:  $50GC to Kaffmandu, Portrait by TFI Photo, $25 GC Berry Tavern

Ticket Sold By:  Jacki Shambaugh

Ticket Picker:  Steven Mederios

Wednesday, April 21

Winner:  Barry Kaplan

Prize: $50 GC Sam and Joes, $50 GC Danvers Hardware

Ticket Sold By:  Barry Kaplan

Ticket Puller:  Deb Barroughclough


Thursday, April 22

Winner:  Sarah Martel

Prize:  $60 GC Frankie Slice, $25 GC Legal Seafood, $25 GC Berry Tavern

Ticket Sold By:  Tom Standring

Ticket Puller:   Kyle Griffin


Friday, April 23

Winner:  Karl Eckborg

Prize:  $100 CASH

Ticket Sold By:  John Somes

Ticket Puller:  Sandra Cleary


Prizes can be picked up at the Danvers YMCA

Saturday, April 24

Winner:  Angela Manzi

Prize: $65 GC to Baystate Animal Clinic,  $25 GC to Soma 

Ticket Sold By:  Larry and Judy DeLorenzo

Ticket Picked By: Sinead Lutz

Sunday, April 25

Winner:  Rebecca Joyner

Prize:  $50 GC Starbucks, $25 GC Berry Tavern, $50 GC

Ticket Sold By:  Shelley Silverman

Ticket Picked By:  Joe Pauline

Monday, April 26

Winner:  Aaron Waldman

Prize: Wine basket Valued at $100

Ticket Sold By:  Neal Waldman

Ticket Picked By: Alex Falk, Rotary District

April 27th

Winner:  John Somes

Prize:  $50 GC Kaffmandu and $50 GC Traders Joes

Ticket Seller:  John Somes

Ticket Picker:  Karen Halloran (Newest Rotary Member)

April 28th, 2021

Winner:  Brenda Ferris

Prize:  $50 GC to Danversport, $30 GC New Brothers Restaurant 

Ticket Sold By:  Jacki Shambaugh

Ticket Picker:  Andrea Bean

April 29th, 2021

Winner:  Judith Tripoli

Prize: $50 GC Kaffmandu, $20 GC The Finer Image, $25 GC Friendly's 

Ticket Sold By: Dan Doherty

Ticket Picked By:  Amber Lowell

April 30

Winner:  Vini Contreas

Prize:  $100  CASH

Ticket Sold By:  Suzanne Contreas

Ticket Picker:  Suz Malach 

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